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Family Firsts in Your Neighborhood


Whether you’ve moved across town or across the country, relocating your family can be difficult. At St. James Park, we want to make sure your family transition to a new neighborhood is as seamless and fun as possible, connecting you to our community so that your new house becomes your home. We want you to experience what we like to call “Family Firsts” within the St. James Park community. Here are some ways that your family members can connect with your new neighborhood and neighbors while making new memories with each other that will last a lifetime.

Break out the bikes and teach your little ones how to ride! Be the Mickey to their Rocky and show them tips and tricks for learning how to ride a bike. Whether you stay right outside the house or train on one of our many walking paths, there is plenty of space for your kids to feel safe and secure until they master the skill of cruising down the road.

Create a family project. One way to bring your family together for quality time in your new home is to start a new project or hobby together. Sit down with your clan and brainstorm home craft or project ideas the whole family can do together. Some projects could include planting flowers and plants in the flowerbed, starting an herb garden in the backyard, or scheduling a weekly time to bake sweet treats as a family. You could even take some of your yummy baked goods to your new neighbors if you’re up for sharing!

Start those swimming lessons, family-style. Our community’s 50-foot pool is perfect for swimming lessons for kids of all ages. Beginners can feel assured that a trusted friend or family member will be there in case they need help. Before you know it your new swimmers will be pros, and you’ll have made a splash making fun family memories.

Get to know your neighbors at community events. St. James Park hosts community events throughout the year so neighbors can connect with each other. Challenge your family participate in these community activities and to meet new friends—It will make everyone’s transition into St. James Park smoother and much easier. Make it a point to mark your calendars for reoccurring events like Kid’s Movie Night and plan to participate in our Back to School event (details coming soon!).

We would love to hear about your Family Firsts at St. James Park! You can comment here or on our Facebook page to share your fun family memories at the pool, the pond, or a community event. Stay up-to-date with St. James Park news and events on our Facebook page!

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