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Fall Activities Series: Scavenger Hunt Challenge


Fall is finally here, and with it comes fun seasonal activities. Carving pumpkins, jumping in piles of brightly-colored leaves and playing your favorite fall sports with friends are just a few of the great things we get to do when summer says goodbye.

Autumn has a lot to offer when it comes to fun. In the next few weeks we are going to feature some of our favorite fall activities that you can enjoy right here in the community, beginning with the St. James Park Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

St. James Park Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Requirements: 2 or more neighbors, friends, or family members (the more, the merrier!)

  1. Find a multi-colored fall leaf. The brighter, more colorful, and bigger, the better!
  2. Walk around all 3 St. James Park ponds. You can skip, hop, race or bring the dog!
  3. Count all the ducks you can find before they fly south for the winter. Who counted the most?
  4. Do an activity outside: (a) Play catch, frisbee, or a sport like soccer or basketball. (b) Try jump rope, sidewalk chalk, or hula-hoop. You can even bring your favorite board game outside to play.
  5. Look for the biggest pine cone in the neighborhood and measure it. Who found the largest pine cone?
  6. Catch a firefly. Look for them in the evening and watch them glow!

* Make it your own by adding more activities to the St. James Park Scavenger Hunt. Take pictures along the way and post them to the St. James Park Facebook page to share the fun with your friends!

Check back regularly for more fun ideas from our St. James Park Fall Activities Series, and stay up to date with all of our community events on our Facebook page. 

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