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Enjoy the winter foliage on the scenic trails of St. James Park

There’s something to be said for getting out into nature, even in the winter months. Hal Yocum—Naturalist with the Boy Scouts of America, an avid bird watcher and general lover of the outdoors—explored our St. James Park walking trails. He was enthusiastic as he strolled along with binoculars in hand.

“It does us all something really good inside to get back in touch with nature. Particularly if you’re walking along and let’s say you see a deer.
You just get excited inside, you know. And if the geese come flying right over top of your head, you get excited about that. 
You feel something about contact with nature. This is a great thing to have in any kind of housing development because it’s nearby.”

Watch as Hal shows us how to soak in the beautiful winter foliage on the scenic trails of St. James Park here.

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